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Atul Satija

Atul Satija

CRO of InMobi

Atul is an an APAC Board Member of the Mobile Marketing Association. Prior to InMobi, he worked at Google, Adobe, Samsung and Infosys.

Mobile Power and Profit Podcast

Atul Satija tells us his story of how a small company could come up against behemoths like Google and how to optimize your paid acquisition campaigns.

• Focus on 3 things when experimenting with user acquisition: messaging content, creatives & audience targeting
•  Best practices for native ads vary by vertical: Ensure your monetization is relevant to your industry.
•  The future of mobile advertising: Dollar growth now lies in mobile videos and there is immense advertising potential in mobile targeting obile channels serve 2 different purposes: Discovery & Search, and Engagement & Loyalty. Both need to be part of your strategy.

Optimizing User Acquisition

Air Date: April 13, 2015