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Chris Goward

Chris Goward

Founder & CEO at
Wider Funnel

Chris is the author of You Shoud Test That! The book that redefined conversion optimization. His strategies have consistently lifted results for companies such as Google and eBay.

Mobile Power and Profit Podcast

People often look to optimize conversions as merely a means to improve their conversion rate, but more than that, it’s a structured process to hone your branding. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Conversion optimization is not a means to an end point but needs to be a consistent strategy.
• 3 ways to approach segmentation – ‘best group’, ‘user self-selected’ and ‘post-test behaviourlal’.
• Treat desktop and mobile visitors as segments not differently silo-ed targets – mobile is a state of being.

Testing to Optimize Conversions

Air Date: June 22, 2015