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Ed Chater

Ed Chater

Somo Global/ AdTech

Ed was one of the first to define best practices in search, was recently named MediaWeek’s 30 under 30 and now works on solving mobile campaign management and measurement challenges.

Mobile Power and Profit Podcast

Data is the buzzword right now but are you maximizing all the data available to you, mobile or not? Ed Chater takes us through the coming standardization of mobile tracking and the potential that could bring your mobile campaigns.

• 2015 will see the rise of cross-platform and integrated data platforms, so you can maximize the use of your data.
• Top 3 things enterprises underestimate in mobile: Impact, Implementation & Usability.
• Use the current availability of data to create a richer user profile and target more accurately.

Standardization of Mobile Data Tracking; Delivering Digital Mobile Measurement for Enterprise Clients

Air Date: February 16, 2015