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Elad Cohen

Elad Cohen

Mobile Software Developer at Rumble

Elad is a Mobile Software Developer at Rumble, developing cross-platform mobile applications for publishers. Prior to working at Rumble he co-founded HomeDine.in, a collaborative consumption venture.

Mobile Power and Profit Podcast

Apple released iOS 9, its latest mobile software update for everyone to download, and with it, enabled the use of content-blocking tools that will let users block ads in the Safari browser. So, what does this mean for publishers?

• Ad-Blocking on the mobile-web drives publishers to build native mobile apps.
• When building native mobile apps, publishers must consider scalability, customization and delivery.
• Not all content-blocking apps are created equal — it’s not just about ads but about privacy too.

iOS 9 and the Rise of Mobile Content Blockers

Air Date: September 22, 2015