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Itay Levy

Itay Levy

Managing Director of the Mobile Center of Excellence at Teradata

Itay Levy is the Managing Director of The Mobile Center of Excellence at Teradata.

Mobile Power and Profit Podcast

Mobile apps have evolved for marketers from nice-to-have to being front and center of the customer journey. In this episode, Itay Levy from Teradata joins us to discuss the state of mobile engagement and how enterprise marketers can overcome the challenges they face developing strategies for collecting mobile app data.

• When building a mobile app, defining your mobile strategy is the first step.
• To gain your users trust, first give them what they want – this can significantly increase engagement.
• A combined automated strategy is a good way to re-engage with your users, as it allows you to send them personalized messages that offer true value.

Using Data to Build a Successful Mobile App

Air Date: November 30, 2015