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Fuse Powered

Jon Walsh

CEO & Founder of Fuse Powered

Jon’s been a gaming entrepreneur his entire career. In 2009 he founded Fuse Powered and published a number of hit mobile games.

Mobile Power and Profit Podcast

Jon Walsh introduces us to the current situation in the mobile gaming industry – from which monetization models work best to the technology you wished you adopted yesterday so you didn’t have to go through the integration headache you are having today.

• Identify if your games are casual or immersive and then build your monetization and marketing around that.
• Both casual and immersive games tend to make more money with free or freemium models instead of paid downloads.
• Let others help, if there are cross-platform SDKs and software to help relieve integration fatigue, use them and focus on your content and experience.

Mobile Publishing and Gaming Examined with Jon Walsh

Air Date: February 9, 2015