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Ken Devnani

Kan Devnani

CEO at Comtex News Network

Prior to Comtex, Kan was a Lead Software Engineer at Factset.

Mobile Power and Profit Podcast

People are turning to news aggregator apps for a curated and personalized experience, but publishers are concerned about losing front-page readers and control of advertisement placement as third-party providers take over the distribution role.

In this episode, Kan tells us how aggregator apps are changing the way news is discovered, consumed and packaged:

• News aggregator apps represent a great distribution and marketing opportunity for small publishers.
• It’s not always possible to monetize on news aggregator apps — the value is in creating relevant content, not just more content.
• Some publishers are skeptical about news aggregator apps because the lose of control over ad-display.

The Rise of News Aggregation Mobile Apps

Air Date: December 7, 2015