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Mitchell Reichgut

Mitchell Reichgut

CEO at Jun Group

Prior to founding Jun Group in 2005, Mitchell led Bates Interactive, the online unit of Bates Worldwide Advertising, now owned by WPP.

Mobile Power and Profit Podcast

Media companies, agencies, and marketers face some confusion regarding whether they should focus their strategies predominantly on apps or mobile web.

In this episode, Mitchell helps us understand why apps are the biggest new communications channel for brands, and marketers if they want to master mobile.

• The behavior of mobile users has changed, so the mechanisms to reach a mobile audience have to change as well.
• Consumers don’t mind receiving branded content as long as it’s not intrusive and ads value.
• Don’t be afraid of the threats of the mobile world but look at the big opportunities instead – there are plenty.

Mobile Apps and Mobile Web In the Advertising Age

Air Date: December 21, 2015