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Nick Cicero

Nick Cicero

CEO at Delmondo

Nick Cicero is the CEO and founder of influencer marketing agency Delmondo. He’s also a strategist at BRaVe Ventures, a media consulting group and VC firm.

Mobile Power and Profit Podcast

Publishers continue to see an increase in revenue from their digital properties, not just from advertising, but from brand content as well. In this episode, Nick tells us how media companies are using Social Media to build niche communities that drive mainstream media:

The home-page isn’t the center anymore — Social Media platforms are the new distribution channels.
• Good content attracts and grows audience! Niche communities hold the keys to success.
• Audience development is the next step in understanding how readers consume content.

Is Mainstream Media Dead? Discovering the Future of Content Monetization

Air Date: November 9, 2015