The Effects Of Ad-Blockers On Mobile Apps And Mobile Web

In this study, we make an in-depth analysis on the impact that ad-blockers have had on the performance of native apps and mobile websites.

  • The Mobile Dilemma: Native Apps vs. Mobile Web
  • Before and After Ad-Blockers: A Closer Look
  • Ad-Blockers Impact On Digital Revenue
  • Mobile Users: What’s Their Real Value?
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Content Insights Report

The Rumble Mobile Content Insights Report

See how content and audience analytics help publishers optimize mobile performance.

  • What content is most and least effective at driving traffic?
  • How do the number of articles on screen impact total opportunities to engage?
  • What is the total articles read per session for different users?
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Rumble Engagement Study

The Rumble Mobile Engagement Study 2015

The best way to drive growth is through data-driven decisions that increase user engagement — especially for the design of the mobile product itself.

  • How can design changes, based on data, help encourage additional reading?
  • How can a personalized experience increase user engagement?
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Mobile Engagement Study

The Mobile Content Engagement Study

Identify the benchmarks you need for a high-performing mobile strategy.

  • Spot users’ content viewing habits.
  • Determine the correlation of Content Views vs. Article Shares.
  • Understand how users share content.
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Mobile User Engagement Study for Publishers

Mobile User Engagement Study For Publishers

As a resource for publishers, Rumble conducted a real-time user engagement study, where user interactions were tracked via event tags on native iOS and Android apps on both phones and tablets that were powered by the Rumble platform.

  • What drives users to share content on a mobile app?
  • What drives users to engage with content on a mobile app?
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