Robert BrillBrill Media Consulting

Robert BrillBrill Media Consulting
October 5, 2015 Rumble

Robert Brill

Robert Brill

CEO at Brill Media Consulting

Robert Brill is the CEO of Brill Media Consulting. He is an accomplished digital media executive known for connecting brands and consumers through the strategic use of digital channels, data and programmatic media.

Mobile Power and Profit Podcast

Programmatic has changed the face of online advertising, but there’s still confusion around what it actually is. In this episode Robert Brill tells us all about programmatic advertising in the mobile industry.

• Programmatic advertising opened the doors for publishers to sell ad-space at a bigger scale and grow revenue.
• Programmatic on mobile offers new “media time”, meaning there are more opportunities throughout the day to engage with your audience.
• The future of mobile advertising are hyper-local campaigns that take advantage of geo-location data.

Programmatic Media In a Mobile World

Air Date: October 5, 2015