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Siddharth Garg

Siddharth Garg

Founder at QUYTECH

Siddharth is a Technology Entrepreneur and founder of Quytech.

Mobile Power and Profit Podcast

The mobile revolution has forever changed how consumers use their mobile devices. Advancements in mobile technology and the ever increasing expectations of consumers are pushing organizations to go mobile.

In this episode, Siddharth talks about why, and how, small and medium companies can successfully go through their digital transformation.

• When looking for a mobile app development platform, make sure it can easily integrate with your existing systems.
• Any enterprise app must be able to work offline – it can improve the user experience.
• Make sure your mobile app can provide the key business offering of your business without trying to include too many features – the attention spam of mobile users is very short.

How Companies Can Successfully Go Mobile

Air Date: December 14, 2015