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Sucharita Mulpuru

Sucharita Mulpuru

Senior Analyst at
Forrester Research

With experience both as an operator and an industry analyst, Sucharita is a leading expert on eCommerce and multichannel retail in the online shopping space.

Mobile Power and Profit Podcast

Sucharita shares with us her insights from her research with Forrester about the disruptive change mobile has brought to commerce, the new challenges it brings retailers and how we can capitalize on this disruption.

• 3 Challenges of mCommerce: Device fragmentation, significantly lower conversion rates on mobile and tracking consumers cross devices.
• Unnecessary friction in mobile purchasing will keep conversion rates down even if it makes more sense to purchase on mobile.
• To make full use of mCommerce, understand what’s unique to a mobile device that your customer needs and utilize loyalty strategies.

Overcoming the Challenges of mCommerce

Air Date: March 30, 2015